dear god


For those who aren’t morning people, this is coming your way in 2015.  orphanblack @idwpublishing

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I used to think I knew, now I’m not so sure.

Orphan Black Comic Books.

Coming 2015 (x)

“She escaped when I should be drinking her heart’s blood right now”


This scene. It makes me quite sad. You see Delphine talking about her life, what she does when she’s not with Cosima. And she seems lonely. Delphine doesn’t have any friends out of the clone club and even they don’t like or accept her. It really breaks my heart to see her like this, so vulnerable, and so alone…


Hey, remember when we thought this was, like, a fun superhero parody with silly songs and whatnot? And we all laughed and laughed? And then the last five minutes happened?

Remember that?



my alt cover for LUMBERJANES, the comic about CUTE GIRLS at SPOOKY CAMP coming out this spring! if youre reading my blog youre here for cute girls..cute girls in the forest, cute girls fighting yetis, cute girls … with other cute girls… so check it out, you can pre-order the first issue [HERE

Lumberjanes am i right?!


if you’re ever feeling sad just remember that tatiana maslany roller bladed to her orphan black audition


hey that monster has a sweet tooth! Oh shoot, better watch it girl! once again… done in SAI Painter. Getting better with the digital media all the time, yo.

Leo Fitz + monkeys